Which Chemical Peel Is the Best Fit for You?


Chemical peels are used by millions of Americans each year to improve their look. These non-invasive topical treatments provided by skin clinics like skin care MedSpa in Union City, aid in the removal of the old, dry, damaged superficial layers of skin, revealing the fresh young skin beneath.

Abby Skin Care Clinic, your trusted skin care clinic in Concord, California provides tailored chemical peels to treat skin concerns such as rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and congested pores, and more.

  • Superficial Chemical Peels
    Superficial peels are the lightest of the treatments available. Only the top layer of the skin is removed using a mild chemical solution. You can get superficial peels regularly to maintain your skin appear young and fresh.
  • Medium Chemical Peels
    Medium chemical peels employ a stronger acid solution to accelerate the peeling process. This treatment is recommended for skin discoloration caused by sun damage, melasma, or freckles. Because medium peels penetrate your skin more deeply, the redness and peeling will last a little longer than with a superficial peel.
  • Deep Chemical Peels
    Deep peels are the most powerful chemical peels, and should only be done once in your lifetime. We employ a strong chemical agent to enter the deepest layers of your skin and remove defects like shallow scars, fine wrinkles, deep discoloration, and other superficial skin issues treated by less intense peel choices.

Our skin care specialist in Concord, California would advise you to stay at home for at least a day or two for a deep peel to recuperate.

If you want to improve your skin with our services, give us a call today. We also provide cool sculpting, nonsurgical fat removal, and other services.

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