Know the face behind Abby Skin Care Clinic.
Abby Odiamar-Paclibar

Abby Odiamar-Paclibar is the CEO and a Licensed Esthetician at Abby Skin Clinic. She is also a Harvard Certified Health and Wellness Coach, holding a Master’s in Business Administration with Magna Cum Laude honors from CalSouthern University. Her journey in the beauty and wellness industry began with her impressive background as a Wound Care Specialist in over 40 skilled nursing facilities and wound care clinics across the Bay Area for over five years. Her passion for skin care eventually led her to specialize in the field, where she excelled at the Esthetic School, and even graduating at the top of her class.

In all the years of her career, Abby has continously shown her passion to her craft. Even with the abundance of recognitions and admiration, she carried on to undergo extensuve training and certifiaction. She has learned from renowned medical doctors, plastic surgeons, and biochemists, both in the United States and around the world. Her unwavering dedication and knowledge in the field has set a standard for others by ensuring that nothing short of the best is received by her clients which she has continued to treat like family.

Abby has made a name for herself in the Bay Area’s aesthetic and skin industry as she has become a highly sought-after skincare specialist. However, her success can be attributed to her exceptional approach to client care. Never has she treated her clients like patrons; she considers them to be like her friend and family. Through this outlook in life, she continues to provide products and services that value the built relationships between provider and client. Her commitment to the field and her clients is reflected with her cutting-edge treatments and technologies.

At Abby Skin Clinic, you are guaranteed the belief that beauty transcends the surface. We believe that beauty radiates from confidence built on love, positivity, and care. Through our vision, we aim to better opprotunities for our clients through aiding them in becoming the best version of themselves.

Flawless skin is not just a goal; it’s an art and a personal commitment to self-improvement.