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Why Is CoolSculpting the Preferred Fat Reduction Method for Many?

With the many alternatives to invasive traditional liposuction available in the market today, finding the one that best suits your needs is easy. Among these options, CoolSculpting is the preferred laser fat reduction treatment by many patients to be more superior, and for good reason—it is painless, comfortable, and, most of all, an FDA-approved procedure. … Continue reading

Skin Care: Exfoliating for Your Skin Type

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the outer layers of your skin. This also helps remove dry or dull skin, increase blood circulation, and contribute to the overall improvement of your skin’s appearance. There are different ways of exfoliating your skin. Even our skin care clinic in Concord, California, uses techniques when handling our clients’ … Continue reading

Top Three Skincare “Traps” to Avoid

Plenty of our clients here at Abby Skin Care Clinic struggle with the same issue, and that is choosing the right skincare product among the myriad of options available tofor them. We understand the pressure you might feel, but not to worry — we’re here to relieve some of that pressure and help you identify … Continue reading

Maskne Treatment and Care

So, you’ve been wearing a mask for months now, and if you have sensitive skin that’s prone to breaking out, chances are you already have “maskne.” Maskne, as we discussed in a previous article, is a term used to describe the irritation, rashes, acne, and redness that comes with wearing a face mask. And although … Continue reading

Staying Beautiful in the Age of COVID-19

Many residents in California stay in their homes to avoid the risk of COVID-19 exposure. The pandemic sure has drastically changed the way things are, affecting everyone and their livelihood. Various companies in the state different states have also been dealing with it to ascertain that they can still provide quality service to their customers. … Continue reading

Breakouts During the Summer: What Causes It and How to Avoid It

Beach days, BBQs, outdoor parties, and golden afternoons—It’s no secret that summer is the one season we most look forward to. Unfortunately, summer breakouts are also common at this time. So, what causes it exactly? There are two culprits for a summer breakout—heat and humidity. Heat and humidity create the perfect environment for your clogged … Continue reading