Warning Signs of Dry Skin and Its Complications


There are a lot of environmental factors that can cause dry skin. And we all know that our skin is our body’s first line of defense against any harmful microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. It protects us and also the people surrounding us. By the moment you get dry, cracky, and flaky skin, it can make you vulnerable to infections and other diseases. 

Here are some complications of dry skin:

  • Atopic dermatitis (eczema)
    Excessive dryness can lead to activation of the disease, causing severe rash and cracking skin. If you experience any of these, it is best to visit a skin care clinic in Concord, California, to get your skin treated immediately.
  • Infections
    The moment the dry skin may crack, bacteria can have the chance to enter your body, causing infections. 

Don’t allow yourself to experience these complications. Make sure to seek help from a skin care specialist in Concord, California, if you see any signs of skin dryness so they can provide you treatment and recommend necessary skincare products right away. 

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