Tips in Preventing Acne Breakouts

An acne breakout is a skin care nightmare. So, here are specific skin care tips that’ll help you prevent acne breakouts from ever wreaking havoc on your face.

  • Wash your face daily.This most important step may not sound revolutionary, but it certainly does the job! Cleanse and treat your face at least twice a day.
  • Change your face towel regularly.Get into the habit of changing your go-to face towel regularly, or at least on a weekly basis. When you use dirty towels over and over again, you expose your skin to lots of accumulated bacteria that may eventually lead to an acne breakout. You can stock up your face towel supplies from any clinic selling skin care products in San Francisco, California.
  • Moisturize.This should be a crucial part of your everyday skin care routine. If your skin becomes too dry and dehydrated, your oil glands will overproduce oil and cause acne to spring out.
  • Limit your dairy intake. This tops your must-do list because too much dairy intake can cause your oil glands to kick into even higher gear.
  • Eat more carrots.Fact: vitamin A revitalizes skin and strengthens the skin’s protective tissue. Carrots are your quick and natural source for vitamin A. More carrots, more chances of preventing acne breakouts. And if you’re not very fond of eating carrots, then simply consider going to a vitamin infusion clinic in San Francisco instead.

Of course, if you want a more extensive list from a dermatologist, then head on over to Abby Skin Care Clinic, a skin care medspa in Union City.

But, in the unfortunate event that you do suffer from an acne breakout, our clinic will also provide you corrective skin care in Hercules. Call us now!

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