Debunking Anti-aging Facts and Myths

The online world feeds us with all kinds of information every day. How will we separate the myths and the facts about anti-aging? Leave that to us. Abby Skin Care Clinic, being an advanced skin care medspa in Union City, provides you with the following list to clear out the skin care facts from the myths.


  • “How you take care of your skin when you’re younger, says a lot about how your skin will be like when you’re older.”
    True. This is the reason why we highly encourage teenagers and young adults to take care of their skin. The damaging effects of the sun, pollution, and other factors may not be visible during an early age, but it’ll definitely show later in life.
  • “Good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle can influence your skin as it ages.”
    Definitely! We don’t really need to elaborate on this part. We’re confident you know this important skin care tip already.


  • “The most expensive products and services are the most effective.”
    False! Don’t buy the brand; buy the ingredients and service quality. If you know exactly how to look and who to ask, you’ll get high-quality corrective skin care in Hercules at a reasonable price.
  • “You can stop using anti-aging products once you already see the results!”
    Definitely not true! Your skin is continuously aging, and these anti-aging products — no matter how beneficial — can only help you manage the aging process if you continue to use it.
  • “The more products you use at once, the better the results!”
    False again! You only need the right skin care products in San Francisco, California that’s suitable for your skin type and specific concerns.

There you go. Always make sure to take good care of your skin!

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