Top Three Skincare “Traps” to Avoid

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Plenty of our clients here at Abby Skin Care Clinic struggle with the same issue, and that is choosing the right skincare product among the myriad of options available tofor them. We understand the pressure you might feel, but not to worry — we’re here to relieve some of that pressure and help you identify the top skincare “traps” you must avoid.

  1. The “Trend”

    Now and then, a skin care clinic in Concord, California, or any other local businesses will come up with a trendy or “buzzworthy” promotion that people will FLOCK towards. It will be very difficult to refuse the call, but always remember that you have a responsibility to your skin’s health. Only use products that benefit your skin and not what other people deem “trendy” or “in.”

  2. Self-Treating Conditions.

    Unless you’re a certified dermatologist, it’s never safe to self-treat your skin problems. Doing so, might make things worse for you and your skin. Instead, visit the nearest skin care medspa in Union City and talk to a professional who can help you out with what to do.

  3. Routine Inconsistency.

    When you keep switching between various brands of skin care products in San Francisco, CA, it doesn’t bode well with your skin. Before you think about switching to yet another product, give your current product some time to manifest the results you need. Skincare miracles don’t happen overnight. Stay consistent and give it some time.

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