Are You Having a Cosmetic Allergy?

Are You Having a Cosmetic Allergy?

For those who have been dealing with allergies all their life, every allergy may look like something they’ve had before. But cosmetic allergies are different—although you can pretty much guarantee an itchy inflamed rash after applying a cream to be an allergic reaction from the product, other cases are not as simple to identify.

So, how can you tell if your skin care products in San Francisco, CA are wrecking your complexion?

Here are two crucial questions from Abby Skin Care Clinic, the leading skin care medspa in Union City, to examine your situation over:

  1. Is the affected area reddened, itchy, and has raised bumps that fill up with some water substance sometimes?
    This is the most obvious sign of an allergy, specifically of contact dermatitis. Usually, these symptoms will go away once the allergen is removed.
  2. Is the affected area dry, sandpapery, flaky, and don’t seem to get better no matter how much moisturizing you do? Has it developed small acne-like pimples?
    This type of allergic reaction called irritant contact dermatitis is more difficult to identify because the effects take time to develop and can be mistaken for other skin problems. On top of that, the problem may start out to be subclinical, as in without symptoms, but it may eventually lead to clinical or with symptoms as you unknowingly expose your skin to products that cause irritation.

If you think this is you, quickly examine your products and check for harsh ingredients such as fragrances, alcohols, and preservatives.

Is your case proving to be unmanageable? Don’t hesitate to ask for the help of our skin care clinic in Hercules, California, today!

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