Skincare Ingredients to Look for in Your Products this Spring

Skincare Ingredients to Look for in Your Products this Spring

With the heaps of sunshine and freshly bloomed flowers that the season of spring brings, come to all sorts of airborne allergens such as pollen, dust, and molds. Apart from the red, runny nose, you may also deal with common skin issues such as dry, itchy skin, eczema flare-ups, red, puffy eyes, irritated skin, and even fine lines around the eyes as a result of excessive scratching.

At Abby Skin Care Clinic, the leading skin care clinic in Hercules, California, we understand how important choosing the right skincare products is during the allergy season. Ultimately, these products must be gentle enough to not trigger an allergic reaction and, if you’re already experiencing one, they must serve as a protective barrier to your skin and even combat your symptoms.

To choose the right skin care products in San Francisco, CA to buy, make sure that they contain the ingredients that are good for your skin issues. Here are some of the ingredients you can try for specific skin issues:

  • Aloe vera, calendula, and chamomile for red, irritated skin
  • Caffeine, hyaluronic acid, and green tea for puffy eyes
  • Allantoin, flaxseed oil, passionflower extract, and safflower oil for allergy-prone skin
  • Licorice extract, colloidal oatmeal, and turmeric for inflamed skin

These ingredients will usually be enough to address your skin issues but if you find yourself still experiencing allergic reactions or new sensitivities, we recommend you visit our skin care medspa in Union City for an expert take on your skin situation.

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