Your Skin Needs to Be Moisturized, Here’s Why

A lot of you may have heard daily skin moisturizing reminders, but not many people understand why. As the largest organ in the body, the skin needs enough water to repair itself, maintaining a healthy glow. Generally, you don’t need cosmetic procedures to keep the skin moisturized unless you have underlying medical conditions (where your dermatologist might recommend clinical treatments or medications).

As a well-established skin care clinic in Concord, California, Abby Skin Care Clinic provides you with some insights into the importance of moisturizing the skin.

  • Minimize skin problems
    A lack of skin moisture can lead to dryness, which can trigger irritation, itchiness, rashes, eczema, and more.
  • Conceal blemishes
    Some blemishes are camouflaged by maintaining moisture because it helps even your skin tone.
  • Make the skin elastic
    Moisture reduces the risk of skin tears that can eventually affect skin elasticity.
  • Reduce the signs of aging
    Because the skin preserves its elasticity, some signs of aging are also curbed, such as wrinkles. This helps you achieve a relatively youthful look even in old age.

Apart from moisturizers, you can also keep enough water in the skin by drinking plenty of water. However, if your skin remains dry despite your care routines, you might need to visit a skin care specialist in Concord, California. A comprehensive assessment would help you find out what causes abnormal skin dryness.

Feel free to visit our skin care medspa in Union City for details about our cosmetic services, products, and more! You can also leave a message for your inquiries.

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