How to Care for Your Skin this Spring

How to Care for Your Skin this Spring

The changes of the seasons throughout the year can affect the needs of your skin. This is largely due to the fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and the lifestyle choices we make in response to the changing season. For instance, we are more likely to switch up our products to counter the effects of the airborne allergens in spring.

However, simply switching products usually isn’t enough. We at Abby Skin Care Clinic, the leading skin care clinic in Hercules, California, advises the following tips to prep your skin for the spring:

  • Check your skin thoroughlyYou’d be surprised how many people skip this part, or at least, don’t take this part of their skincare routine seriously. But paying attention to how the largest protective barrier on your body reacts can help you identify which routine works for you or not as the seasons changes.
  • MoisturizeWhatever your skin type and the season you’re in, making sure your skin is moisturized is key to reducing skin problems from developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Moisturizing also serves as a barrier against harmful environmental elements.If you find yourself moisturizing to no avail, we recommend going to a skin care medspa in Union City for a professional, hassle-free, deep moisturizing treatment.
  • Visit a professionalEven with good skin, having a skin professional examine your skin can help prevent potential issues in the future. They can also recommend the right skin care products in San Francisco, CA for your skin type as well as tips to maintain healthy skin.

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