Acne Management: Tips to Get Rid of Blemishes


Acquiring acne can affect our self-confidence. While it’s true that inner beauty should prevail over physical beauty, we can’t help being worried about our skin’s health when we have acne. When you’ve been looking for acne treatments and found them insufficient, here are further tips to manage your acne condition.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Inc., the following helpful tips can help you get rid of blemishes caused by acne:

  • Be patient with your acne treatments. When what you’re using right now doesn’t seem to work after a few days, don’t give up just yet. Allow for at least four weeks to see how it will take effect. It will take approximately 2-3 months for the skin to show the effects of clearing from acne scars. Now you know that if you’re opting to get an acne cream from a provider of skin care products in San Francisco, California, patience is truly a virtue.
  • Follow the product’s treatment instructions, especially when these are prescribed by a dermatologist or skin care expert. When you don’t fully cooperate with your healthcare professional or when you don’t comply with the instructions, it can complicate your acne condition. Our skin care medspa in Union City can be of help in equipping you to overcome acne.
  • Wash your face frequently, as often as twice a day and especially when you’re sweaty. This is very important to remember because the skin prone to acne can be very sensitive, and it can result to even more acne. Dermatologists even recommend washing your acne-prone face in the morning, before you sleep, and when you’ve become very sweaty.
  • Consciously select the products that don’t trigger the production of acne. You can also consult with our experts on corrective skin care in Hercules so you will know what particular products are healthy and ideal for your specific skin type.

If you have other acne management tips to share, comment below. At Abby Skin Care Clinic, your overall wellbeing is always in our best interest. Remember to click SHARE.

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