Want that Summer-Envy Radiant Skin? We Have the Deets!

 Want that Summer-Envy Radiant Skin? We Have the Deets!

As seasons change so must your skincare routine. Remember, new temperatures and new humidity levels mean new ways your skin can act up this season.

At Abby Skin Care Clinic, your trusted skin care clinic in Hercules, California, we know just what you need. Here are tips to follow this summer:

  • Never forget to use sunscreen! Whether you’re only going out for a few minutes or an hour, make sure to have sunscreen on. Aim for at least SPF 15 coverage and reapply every 2 hours! On a side note, along with religiously applying your sunscreen, don’t forget to hydrate, too!
  • Switch your products to summer-friendly onesTrust us, you don’t need that heavy moisturizer you used in the winter. Summer season means you’ll be sweating more so opt for a lighter blend. Choose products that have a cooling effect such as cucumber extract, rose extract, or one with green tea.Unsure of what to pick? Try our line of skin care products in San Francisco, CA. We have everything from oil-free sunscreen for face and body to Light and Glow Body Lotion for that glowing and healthy look!
  • Give your skin doctor a visit We will tend to sweat significantly more with the hot weather so it’s not at all surprising to have skincare problems this summer. If you are, don’t hesitate to visit our skin care Medspa in Union City for thorough and expert skin advice and treatments.

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