The Right Way to Remove Makeup


A lot of us know the struggle of removing makeup before going to bed. Despite how hard you scrub and lather up, you just can’t get rid of all the makeup. Abby Skin Care Clinic cares about your skin. So, we’re going to share a few makeup removing tips to help you out! Take a look:

  • Don’t rush.
    Apply your makeup remover and let it sit. Doing this will softens the makeup and makes it easier for it to wipe off. Letting it loosen also prevents you from scrubbing your skin too harshly. No number of trips to a skin care clinic in Concord, California, will be able to protect your skin from damage if you’re too harsh on it.
  • Use a cleanser specifically made to remove makeup.
    Just a normal facewash isn’t strong enough to get rid of thinner layers of makeup. Don’t know what to get? Don’t worry. We have quality skin care products in San Francisco, CA, that will contribute to your skin’s health.
  • Don’t forget about the edges.
    Never skip cleaning the edges of your eyelids. This is an obvious step, but it’s easily forgotten. You would be surprised at how much makeup is left over. Allow your makeup remover to soften your eye-makeup before wiping it off.
  • Use flat cotton pads.
    Flat cotton pads are better at removing makeup than cotton balls. This is because cotton balls tend to break down during use and leave fibers on your lashes and skin. These fibers can lead to irritation. Do your skin a favor and use the flat cotton pads.

Lastly, getting skin care medspa in Union City is another fool-proof way to keep your skin healthy and fresh, especially if you wear a lot of makeup every day! Learn about our skincare solutions like skin tightening and more.

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