The Different Kinds of Fat in Your Body



We don’t hate that word. But what we hate is the intonation included when the word fat is spoken. We don’t hate it in terms of looks as long as you are happy, but we hate that people automatically associate it negatively. When in fact, like every creature in this world, it is varied and in a spectrum of different intensities. A skin care specialist in Concord, Californiaknows that fat, when used right, is a person’s best friend.

In fact, before we journey to the world of fat losswe must first discuss the kinds of fats: healthy and unhealthy. What are these?

The healthy fat: Unsaturated Fat. They are considered beneficial as they improve blood cholesterol levels, among others. These fats are rich in vitamins and minerals that make you healthy and help with weight loss. Two kinds of unsaturated fats are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Both are found rich in plant food.

In between is Saturated Fat. One must have a controlled amount of this fat to remain healthy. While the unhealthy fats, trans fatty acids. They are considered harmful as they harm the heart and cardiovascular system.

Here is Abby Skin Care Clinic, our skin care medspa in Union City considers fat as one of our best friends and archnemesis towards helping you achieve the beautiful you that you want.

We know that the more knowledgeable we are about fats gives us more idea about the best weight loss program for you. Thus, always get to know your fats.

Come to our skin care clinic in Concord, Californiaand be the beautiful you never like before.

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