Skin Pigmentation: Should You Worry About It?

Skin Pigmentation: Should You Worry About It?

There are instances that trigger the unnatural darkening of our skin and when this occurs, it means you’re experiencing what we call hyperpigmentation. For many people, hyperpigmentation looks worrisome because it appears in patches. In other words, some parts may not have the same shade as the rest of your skin.

As a provider of skin care in Union City, Hercules, and San Francisco, CA, we understand your concern about skin pigmentation and advise you not to worry because there are treatments readily available for your concerns.

The power of knowledge can ease one’s worries away so what else should you learn about hyperpigmentation? Let’s start with classifying the different types of pigmentation:

  • Melasma
    In most cases, melasma appears on the abdomen and the face. However, it can also occur on any part of the body. It is associated with hormonal changes especially when a woman gets pregnant.
  • Sun Spots
    Appearing as spots, these commonly develop because of overexposure to the sun. There are certain types of skin that result in sunspots once they have sun exposure. If you are concerned about these spots appearing, we can provide you with corrective skin care in Hercules.
  • Post-inflammatory
    This kind of pigmentation occurs after one has skin injury. As the wound heals, the scar or the surrounding area can darken.

Given these points, should you be worried about hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation does not necessarily mean anything serious and should never cause you worry or anxiety. People commonly feel unsettled when it starts to show up on their faces but these incidents can certainly be remedied by seeing skin care experts like the ones in Abby Skin Care Clinic. Consulting with a professional is best to solve and restore your skin’s natural state and color.

Closing thoughts:

Do you have skin issues that you need help with? Visit us at Abby Skin Care Clinic! You can consult with our skin care experts and if you’re interested in our services, inquire today!

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