Know the face behind Abby Skin Care Clinic.

Ms AbbyAbby Odiamar-Paclibar is the CEO and a Licensed Esthetician of  Abby Skin Clinic only. She  is a duly certified skin expert, was a Wound Care Specialist in more than 40 skilled nursing facilities and wound care clinic in the Bay Area for more than 5 years before she decided to specialize in skin care. She graduated top of her class in the Esthetic School and has attended numerous training and certification with some of the world-renowned medical doctors, plastic surgeon and biochemist not only in the US but worldwide. With her expertise and dedication to skin care, Ms. Abby does not settle for anything below par.

Abby has carved her own niche in the aesthetic and skin industry in the Bay Area. She is a sought-after skin care specialist who affirms her position as one of the top skin care specialists in the Bay Area.

What’s her secret? Her formula for client care. She sees her clients as friends and family, and provides them the kind of service worthy of that relationship. That means, providing them the latest technology available for treatments. She never stops attending convention and training all over the world to make sure that she provides the most advanced treatments and techniques possible.

At her clinic, we believe that beauty is beyond skin-deep. Her vision is to promote confidence, positivity, and better opportunities for everyone by helping them become the better version of themselves. Having a flawless skin is an art and a commitment not to anyone but to yourself.

Abby is also seen in her weekly TV segment at Adobo Nation in an International Channel (TFC) providing great information about skin care.

Facial Services

All Facial services and non medical treatments are performed by Abby Skin Clinic

Established in 2009, Abby Skin Clinic  is one of the Bay Area’s leading facial clinics. We have been serving satisfied clients across the country with breakthroughs from both Western and Oriental technology. Our clinic specializes in skin lightening, anti-aging, and acne treatments that will help you achieve a better version of you.

We are committed to adhering to the highest standards of service to ensure safe procedures and the public’s trust. Our goal is to improve our clients’ quality of life by combining cutting-edge technology, products, and treatments at affordable prices.

Our wide range of premium skin care products that are made from safe, gentle yet potent natural ingredients which are specially formulated here in the USA and crafted to suit all individual skin types and needs.

Abby Skin Clinic is absolutely on the right path in taking care of people with the top of the line services, treatments, and products to boost one’s confidence and personality. Our years of training, experience, and knowledge in providing our clients with services that are geared toward opportunities for a better you.

Experience how our clinic takes care of your skin. With our individualized and personalized treatments, we guarantee you that you will love your skin.

The art of beauty is available to anyone who desires it.