Light and Glow Cream


Light and Glow Cream ? A revolutionary cream that lightens and improves tired, dull and aging skin. ? An anti-aging cream that helps minimize wrinkles, fine lines and minimize pores. ? Helps to achieve a bright, vitalized and moisturized skin.

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The Light and Glow Cream is your skin’s solution for tired, dull, and aging skin. This cream helps diminish the skin’s impurities such as wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores, dark spots and dark spots. The Light and Glow Cream leaves the skin looking bright, vitalized, and deeply moisturized.

How It Helps:
The Light and Glow Cream works deeply into the skin to achieve a lightened and rejuvenated glow from within. This cream contains INSERT INGREDIENTS HERE to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles while also firming up the skin’s complexion resulting in a radiant, dewy skin finish.

Recommended Use:
For best results, we recommend to use the Light and Glow Cream in your AM/PM routine.
1. Before applying, cleanse your face.
2. Apply a thin and even layer to clean dry skin. Focus on face, neck, and chest areas.
3. Follow with moisturizer and/or sunscreen (for AM application).

Ideal For:
Tired, dull, and aging skin, skin brightening, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles


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