Quick Remedies to Your Common Fall Skin Concerns

Quick Remedies to Your Common Fall Skin Concerns

Allergies and dry skin—these are only some of the common skin issues we encounter during the fall season. And while we can’t exactly avoid these, there are quick remedies to ease your discomfort. As your trusted skin care clinic in Concord, California, allow us at Abby Skin Care Clinic to provide you effective treatments for your common skincare issues this season.

  • Summer sun damageSun damage is a common problem during the summer. But did you know that sun damage can carry on during the fall season, especially if you don’t take the proper first aid for them? Fortunately, you can still reverse sun damage, but only to a degree.Your quick remedy:
    Take/apply vitamin A to increase collagen production and cell turnover. This will set your skin cells on to a healthier course.

    Need help? Please visit our skincare medspa in Union City for professional intervention.

  • Contact dermatitis and other types of allergiesWool coats are one of the fall season’s staples, but so are allergic reactions to it, the most common of which is contact dermatitis.Your quick remedy:
    Skip the wool. If you’re not able to avoid wearing it, wear something underneath, so you’re not directly touching the fabric. And just in case, keep anti allergens/fall allergy meds at hand.
  • Dry skin from low humidityThe fall season brings with it low humidity levels making our skin more prone to drying.Your quick remedy:
    Follow a skincare routine that’s aimed at hydration. Emollients and creams are good picks but don’t forget to choose those that are dermatologically tested like our skin care products in San Francisco, CA.

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