4 Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin


People are constantly looking for the formula to youthful-looking skin. It’s important to keep in mind that what works for others may not necessarily work for you. Finding the right products can make all the difference in your complexion and even help delay signs of aging.

If you’re on a mission to age-proof your skin, don’t hesitate to consider this list of tips and products by Abby Skin Care Clinic. We are a skin care medspa in Union City, Hercules and San Francisco, CA dedicated to providing products and services that keep your skin youthful and glowing.

  • Go for a gentler facial washCleansing your skin requires gentleness. Opt for a gentler facial wash instead of a drying one. Constantly tugging on your skin when washing it can contribute to wrinkles. Make sure to use a gentle touch, whether you’re applying the cleanser or rinsing it off your face.
  • Take your SPF routine up a notchYou can keep your skin healthy by protecting it from the sun. Using SPF 30 or higher can help prevent age spots and discoloration. Make sure to do your research on the products that work for you. Remember, not all sunscreens are the same when it comes to making your skin supple.
  • What you eat shows on your skinBe more mindful of what you put into your body. Make a list of foods that are most beneficial to the skin and avoid taking in things that can contribute to dehydration, such as alcohol. Foods with high sugar content as well as carbohydrates also speed up the aging process so you may want to limit your intake.
  • SupplementsNutritional supplements like omega-3 have major skin benefits. They can help keep your skin moist and even delay the aging process by keeping wrinkles at bay. If you don’t particularly go for fish in your diet, you can opt for flaxseed or fish oil supplements.

Abby Skin Care Clinic is a provider of corrective skin care in Hercules. We encourage you to share your very own personal care tips in the comments section.

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