Balik-Alindog Program (New Year, New You) Package


Slim-Detox MD will help regulate your digestion and overall health with a mixture of cleansing herbs, minerals, and other active ingredients. Packed with a combination of powerful antioxidants and organic mushrooms like the Chaga mushroom which is considered to be a superfood and antioxidant, this supplement is your ultimate #SLIM-DETOXMD. Burn those fats away while strengthening your immune system response all in one go with this little pill. #SLIM-DETOXMD is made in USA in an FDA approved laboratory.

Our collagen is a modern beauty product that not only supplements the collagen need of our body, but also helps our body to produce it naturally. The product uses HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN which is also known as “super collagen” because this is the form of collagen that our body can best absorb. This is so because of the process of hydrolyzation which reduces the molecular size of the collagen and increases the intestinal absorption of the product. It has been clinically tested in Japan that the use of hydrolyzed collagen improves skin suppleness, hydration and elasticity and allows its users to look younger and be healthier.


  • Collagen helps to promote healthy, radiant skin by nourishing our body with the nutritional building blocks required to improve skin structure.
  • Collagen promotes joint health by helping to repair joint matrix degeneration and improving long-term joint comfort and mobility.
  • Research has shown Collagen helps to restore bone mineral density and support healthy bone metabolism.
  • Our collagen powder is odorless, tasteless, and completely natural, processed 100% in Japan with no additives or preservatives being the result a fine, pure collagen powder with high absorbency and efficacy. Collagen Powder Low molecular weight, 100% pure with no additives nor preservatives, made in Japan.

Recommended for all those who:

  • Want a quick boost of health & beauty in their daily lifestyle
  • Want to keep moisturized skin
  • Feel tired and want to look their best
  • Do not get enough exercise or want to supplement their exercise routine with a supplement to strengthen joints. May not get enough intake of daily protein.

Ingredients in Collagen Pre Mix powder:

  • Collagen Powder
  • Glutathione
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vitamin C
  • CoQ10
  • Acai berry extract

$39.50 per box

2 boxes per order

GlutaMD with Vitamin C is a powerful intracellular antioxidant support. Glutathione is one of the body’s most important and powerful antioxidants, helping to detoxify xenobiotics. Glutathione is also one of the best skin lightening solutions on the market. It gives your complexion a lighter tone, while also making your skin look softer, clearer, and younger.A major function of vitamin C is to keep glutathione in its reduced form so that it can continue to provide free radical-quenching effects. #GlutaMD is made in the USA in an FDA approved laboratory.